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Ohhh those "Zoose" reusable paint can lids!

I recently moved into a condo. And I am tackling all the renovations myself. That includes painting! I've done a lot so far and have numerous cans of paint that I would like to keep in case I need them in the future. I have painted many times in the past, and had numerous cans of paint that have "gone bad", and were unable to use them for touch-ups. I stopped at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show this past weekend. When I saw the "Zoose" reusable paint can lids, I thought, FINALLY the product I have been waiting for! I initially bought 5 of them. When I got home and realized how GREAT they were, I went back and got 5 MORE !!!!! Your product is AWESOME! I'm extremely happy with my purchase and recommend your products to anyone and everyone! #SincerelySatisfied! "Nettie from The Burg"

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