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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between the plastic and rubber coasters?


The Plastic "Zoose" Coaster slides across surfaces and the Rubber "Zoose" Coaster stays in place and grips surfaces.

How do I clean my "Zoose" Paint Can Coaster?


The "Zoose" Coaster can be clean with regular tap water, using a rag or sponge just as easy washing dishes.

Can I slide a full can of paint, with a "Zoose Coaster on?


Yes, You can slide a full can of paint with a "Zoose" Coaster but you cannot kick it across surfaces as shown in some of my short videos.

What type of surfaces do you recommend using the "Zoose" Coaster on?


The "Zoose" Coaster can be used on any surfaces such as tile, rugs, wood floors, laminate also outside surfaces such as pavers, cement, grass and any other surfaces that you can think of.

What types of projects should you use the "Zoose" Coaster with?


You can use the "Zoose" Coaster on any projects whether its a closet, a room, a whole house and of course touch-up, any paint project.

Should you have a separate "Zoose" Coaster for interior and exterior work?


Yes I recommend that you have a "Zoose" Coaster for interior and have coaster for the exterior because the surfaces are much harsher outside and conditions are also different.

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