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Jesus Andujar Bio
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Jesus "Zoose" Andujar




Zoose Paint Products is all about about LEARNING to "Paint life Simpler!" You will see that slogan throughout my website. My journey to this point started with those 3 simple words that is now my Trademark! I'm a professional painter by trade for over 25 years. It's what I do! It’s who I am! My experience as a professional painter working with an extensive clientele has given me the insight as to where I can make improvements in this business. 


I started putting together my ideas and developed a plan. I decided at that point, if there was a growing market for painting products I was going to be the one who would do it right! I remember one day walking through a home improvement store and I thought to myself, some of these products wont last and buyers are spending their hard earned money on products and supplies that weren't effective.


That gave me the inspiration to develop my first product, the "Zoose" Paint Can Coaster! 


Dedication and hard work have always driven me throughout my career. I believe in my products enough that I use them on a day to day basis on my own projects, which you can see for yourself on YouTube.


Its been my pleasure to share my passion with you. Visit my products page and see for yourself and remember that anyone can...







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