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The "Zoose" Paint Coaster is high quality paint can coaster, designed to simplify your painting project and eliminates the need for drop cloths, newspapers or cardboard. It protects your surfaces from paint spills as the built-in drip rim catches any stray drops of paint. This is the answer for professionals, homeowners, artists and anyone who is involved in painting!

The "Zoose" Paint Can Coaster Set includes:
1 Plastic Coaster (White)
- Designed to glide across your floor surfaces and protect your wood, tile, laminated and carpeted floors.

1 Rubber Coaster (Black)
- Designed to remain in place during your paint project and protect your counter-tops, desks and tables.

*Only Available in 1 Gallon size

The Zoose Paint Can Coaster - Set (2)

SKU: 00861918000120
  • Shipping Charges are included in the price:

    • Gallon Sized Coasters: $4.84 (Shipping & Handling) + $9.99 (Product)


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